About 50 years oil storage at Etzel Cavern Storage / storage volume available

STORAG ETZEL GmbH is the largest independent provider of underground cavern storage facilities in Germany and western europe and makes a valuable contribution towards energy security together with a reliable gas supply in Germany and Northwest Europe.

Since 2007, the cavern facility has been developed into one of Europe’s largest gas storage facilities. Etzel is integrated in the international pipeline network for oil and gas, and serves as an important energy hub in the northwest of Germany.

Since 1971, the company has been developing, operating and letting man-made caverns for large-scale storage of crude oil and also natural gas at the Etzel site in East Frisia. The caverns are let to renowned oil stockpiling organisations and gas trading companies and from various European countries.

STORAG ETZEL is one of the largest crude oil storage facilities in Europe, with a storage volume of over 10 million cubic metres in 24 caverns. The Etzel site is connected to the tank farm of the Nord-West-Ölleitungsgesellschaft (NWO) in Wilhelmshaven. From there, the crude oil can be sent for processing either via pipelines or tankers. The amount of oil stored underground in an environmentally friendly way in Etzel would require about 100 tanks on an area of 8 km² in a conventional tank farm above ground.

By mid-2022 STORAG ETZEL will make some 5 million m³ of storage volume available for mid and long-term crude oil storage. 

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Advantages of storing oil in caverns

At Etzel we are operating 24 caverns for crude oil storage. Due to the available high volume and low operating costs in relation to above-ground tank storage, caverns are perfectly suitable for the long-term storage of crude oil. That is why the caverns are especially used for the storage of the emergency stockpiling obligation of some European Countries. The facility is connected via long-distance 44"-pipeline (110 cm) to the oilport of NWO at Wilhelmshaven which is 25 km away from Etzel. 

What we are proud of:

STORAG ETZEL GmbH are the biggest independent provider of cavern storage capacity in Northwestern Europe. By operating the Etzel Cavern Storage, we make a significant contribution to energy supply and gas grid stability in Germany and Europe. 

Where we are:

At Etzel, East Frisia, in Northwest Germany we are constructing, operating and leasing caverns for the purpose of bulk storage of crude oil and natural gas since 1971. The cavern facility  is situated on the North German energy hub near Wilhelmshaven, with a connection to the deep water port.

Our customers:

Are well known energy trading companies as well as Europeans stockpiling organizations. A major part of the German oil stockpiling obligation is stored in our caverns here at Etzel site. 

Your opportunities:

By mid-2022 STORAG ETZEL will make some 5 million m³ of storage volume available for mid and long-term crude oil storage. We offer attractive commercial conditions for our customers, and our caverns that are connected to the nearby oil port facilitate high flexibility in terms of storage volumes and turnovers, even on short notice.

You can find more about the topic "Underground Storage Operations" at the Etzel site here:

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Looking into the future:

In addition to storing fossil fuels, like crude oil and natural gas, renewable energy can also be stored in caverns by transforming excess electricity into hydrogen (H2 ) or synthetic natural gas (SNG = methane). STORAG ETZEL has already converted caverns from oil to gas in the past to future-proof; now the conversion from gas / oil to H2 is examined. 

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