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Accessibility statement

STORAG ETZEL makes every effort to make this website barrier-free. The technical requirements for accessibility result from the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0). 

When was the accessibility statement created?

This declaration was created on June 14, 2022. The technical review of accessibility was performed by STORAG ETZEL on June 14, 2022 (self-assessment).

How accessible is the website (compliance status)?

This website is only partially accessible. It only partially meets the requirements of BITV 2.0. The website is currently being revised in accordance with the applicable requirements. We are working on the necessary processes to continuously improve STORAG ETZEL's information in terms of digital accessibility. 

Which areas are not accessible?

  • Downloads/PDFs: Currently, PDFs are not yet designed for barrier-free use. We are working on this step by step. If you come across a PDF document that is not accessible, please feel free to contact us. PDFs and other downloads are sometimes still provided without an alternative description (alt text).
  • Videos: The videos are for the most part not yet subtitled. The videos are available without audio description or full text alternative. No pause controls are available for videos in the page header.
  • Display: You can change the website to a high-contrast version. Please use the "High-contrast version" link at the top right of the page header. In the default setting, there are some areas on the website that do not have sufficient contrast (for example, buttons). 
  • Alternative texts: The alternate texts for graphics and objects on the website may not yet be stored everywhere. We will work on this step by step in accordance with the accessibility guidelines.
  • Easy language: The content according to § 4, BITV 2.0 is not yet available in easy language. However, implementation is planned.

Would you like to report existing barriers or request information on the implementation of accessibility? For your feedback as well as any additional information, please contact us. You can use the "Report a barrier" form


If we do not process your feedback to your satisfaction, you can also contact the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality.