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Oil, gas & soon hydrogen

STORAG ETZEL GmbH is an expert in cavern construction, operation and marketing. The company is the only and largest independent provider of underground energy storage capacities for natural gas and crude oil in Germany and would like to make the site H2-ready in the future with the H2CAST Etzel project.





Safe underground storage of crude oil & natural gas

Only crude oil and natural gas are stored in the Etzel caverns. Above-ground tank farms, which would offer an approximately large volume, are not acceptable, particularly for reasons of space as well as safety and environmental aspects, so that there is hardly any sensible alternative to underground caverns as large-scale storage facilities.

STORAG ETZEL (phonetic spelling: [ʃto:rak e:tsel]) makes considerable efforts every day to keep any adverse effects of storage operations on the immediate neighborhood as low as possible. This includes distance and traffic control measures as well as extensive noise and light protection equipment. Service work in the cavern field is concentrated on normal daily working hours and is subject to a strict approval procedure (work permit procedure). Regular safety briefings are mandatory for employees and external service providers.

We have been creating cavern cavities in the Etzel salt dome using special brine methods for more than 50 years. The company also carries out oil storage operations (injection and withdrawal) using unique pumping technology and the oil pipeline infrastructure.

Since the commissioning of the Etzel Gas Storage (EGL) in the early 1990s, STORAG ETZEL has also been the technical service provider for the operator Equinor Storage Deutschland GmbH. The daily operation of the EGL is controlled via the central control room at the site.

Large quantities of oil and gas are stored in caverns in the Etzel salt dome. The artificially created caverns make an important contribution to a secure and stable energy supply in Germany and Western Europe.

Augmented Reality

Get an idea of the size and capacity of a cavern compared to the Eiffel Tower or the entire salt dome in Etzel compared to Manhattan, New York City!

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Ready for the future

With the H2CAST Etzel research project and a development project based on it, as well as participation in the "H2-Wegweiser Niedersachsen" (H2 pioneering) project, among other things, we want to drive forward the research and development of large-scale underground hydrogen storage and at the same time prove the suitability of the salt caverns in Etzel as large-volume hydrogen storage facilities.

Making the caverns at Etzel "H2-ready!" is our goal.

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Conditions of Purchase / General Terms and Conditions of Contract (GTC)

STORAG ETZEL has combined the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and General Terms and Conditions of Contract in one document.

As of now, the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase as of March 2022 form the basis of all contracts.

Terms and conditions of purchase (in German)