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Our values

From the region, for the region

STORAG ETZEL has been rooted in the region since 1971 and thus for 50 years and is expressly committed to maintaining and expanding good neighborly relations with the neighbors and residents of the Etzel cavern facility. We are aware of our responsibility for our environment. We also live our corporate values for the benefit of the region.

As a good neighbor, we have also been supporting charitable institutions and associations in the vicinity of the Etzel cavern facility for many years. Project proposals can be made directly to the company without obligation.

Engine of the regional economy

STORAG ETZEL invested over 800 million euros in cavern development in the last expansion phase up to 2017. Since 2015, the company has been spending a total of around 100 million euros on plant and operational safety until probably 2020. Cavern construction and, in particular, storage operations contribute to a substantial part of the business tax revenue in the municipality of Friedeburg, which amounts to millions of euros year after year.


Portrait Marcel Sodmann

Cavern Information Center
Marcel Sodmann
Beim Postweg 2
26446 Friedeburg

Information Center

Few other private-sector investors make a similarly positive economic contribution in the northwest, as a significant portion of the investment remains in the region and Lower Saxony.

At the beginning of 2016, the company's headquarters were relocated to the municipality of Friedeburg. Likewise, a significant portion of the companies working on the cavern facility have their headquarters in Lower Saxony.

Up to 200 employees of the Etzel cavern facility live in the immediate vicinity of Etzel in northwestern Germany and contribute with their income to the economic stability in the northwest in recent years.

The Etzel cavern storage facility "generation project" is planned for many decades to come and will also include hydrogen storage in the future.

We live our corporate values


Safety for people and the environment is the central building block of our actions.


We live responsibility for our business partners, our environment, the region and the environment.


Our ambition is to continuously improve our processes and technical solutions.

A team

We are only successful as a team - open communication and respectful interaction.


The high demands of our corporate principles are certified by external experts. Learn more about STORAG ETZEL's extensive certifications here.  

In 2010, the foundation stone was also laid for a cavern information center by activating a citizen telephone and a visitor center (Infobox). The head of the Etzel cavern information center is Marcel Sodmann.

Interested parties can directly contact contact persons on site with questions and suggestions. The information center gives the opportunity to get a picture of the plans and works on site. This provides objective and detailed information. In the "Infobox" visitor center at the Etzel energy storage facility, impressive exhibits and informative posters are displayed and films on the history of the site or the technical aspects of cavern construction as well as animations are shown. Over 17,000 visitors from the region have already visited the Infobox in recent years (as of autuum 2023).