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STORAG ETZEL GmbH operates buried pipeline facilities in Friedeburg-Etzel (Wittmund district) and between Friedeburg and Wilhelmshaven.

During construction work by third parties, the integrity of these facilities must always be guaranteed.

Construction companies, planning offices, private builders and residents are requested to inform us at an early stage about planned construction measures in the vicinity of the pipelines.

We require detailed, written information about the project in order to check whether our pipelines will be affected. We will inform you of the results of the check, any conditions and safety measures as soon as possible.

For more detailed information on long-distance pipelines, we recommend the online portal BIL. BIL is a nationwide information system for pipeline research. Here you can find out quickly and free of charge whether your project could affect the pipeline systems of STORAG ETZEL GmbH.

For more information, please visit: bil‑leitungsauskunft.de.



Phone: +49 (0)4465 809 203
Plan information


Tel.: +49 (0)228 / 92 58 52 92
BIL Line information

Conditions of Purchase / General Terms and Conditions of Contract (GTC)

STORAG ETZEL has combined the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and General Terms and Conditions of Contract in one document.

As of now, the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase as of March 2022 form the basis of all contracts.

You can download the document here (pdf file in German)

HSSE guideline of STORAG ETZEL

The declared aim of the HSSE guideline of STORAG ETZEL (as of 01.02.2020, in German) is to ensure a trouble-free work and construction process, to avoid accidents and injuries and to prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations as well as environmental and property damage and includes in particular the cooperation with the contractors. This document is a mandatory part of the contract and obliges contractors to comply with it consistently.

The safety guideline represents an instruction guide containing binding rules for working at STORAG ETZEL. It explains the principles and contents that are to be taught during the initial instruction and are to be repeated annually for each person working.

Each contractor shall instruct his personnel on the contents of this safety guideline. Compliance is part of the fulfillment of the contract.

The document can be downloaded here (pdf file, as of 01.02.2020, in German).