Environmental, Social & Governance

ESG / Sustainability at STORAG ETZEL

Cavern construction as well as operation and nature are compatible 

ESG, i.e. environment, social issues and good governance, have shaped the day-to-day efforts of STORAG ETZEL GmbH and its subsidiary, STORAG ETZEL Service GmbH, with regard to sustainability since the very beginning.     

ESG at STORAG ETZEL at a glance

Here we would like to give a compact overview of the sustainable actions and behaviour of STORAG ETZEL in daily practice.


The "E" in ESG: Environmental Protection & Management

The cavern facility at Etzel is one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly storage facilities, since it virtually emits no pollutant emissions, waste or noise.

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The "S" in ESG: Corporate Social Responsibility

STORAG ETZEL has been anchored in the region since 1971 and is expressly committed to maintaining and expanding good neighbourly relations with the neighbours and residents of the Etzel cavern facility.

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The "G" in ESG: Good Corporate Governance

Years ago, STORAG ETZEL had already clearly defined the "lived" good corporate governance in the corporate values SAFETY - INNOVATION - RESPONSIBILITY - ONE TEAM.

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Our showcase project: Etzel Cavern Information Centre

Part of our corporate identity I Our cross-ESG understanding of transparency

The letters "ESG" are part of our name STORAG ETZEL and have been lived practice for us for years.

STORAG ETZEL GmbH has already laid the foundation for a citizen´s information centre since 2010 with the establishment of a citizen´s telephone and an internet portal. The information centre gives people the opportunity to get a picture of the plans and works on site. Interested parties can address questions and suggestions directly to contact persons on site. This makes it possible to provide objective and detailed information on our efforts and understanding of ESG issues.

The opening of our information box at the Etzel energy storage facility in the same year has expanded the cavern information centre. Here you will find impressive exhibits, informative posters as well as films and animations on the history of the site and the technical aspects of cavern construction. The construction of the information centre went hand in hand with the planned expansion of the cavern facility in Etzel in that year. 

Infobox has established itself in the region

STORAG ETZEL is pleased with the positive response so far since the opening of the Infobox premises. By the end of 2019, over 16,000 visitors had been welcomed to the Infobox - including many Friedeburg citizens, residents and visitors from the region. School classes have also already taken advantage of the offer. The info centre in Etzel offered space for up to 35 people in pre-pandemic times. The cavern information centre regularly participates in nationwide events such as the annual "Logistics Day" in April or the Lower Saxony "Future Day" for career orientation of young people. 

STORAG ETZEL: Making energy transition work.

Sustainable into the future is our mission statement! We value ESG to ensure sustainable and secure energy supply now and for future generations.

We live the values of innovation, safety & responsibility and therefore we also rely on renewable energy sources for the further development of our storage.

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