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Completion of the recompletion of the next gas cavern I Start of work on another cavern

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Wind used for the installation and removal of pipes

STORAG ETZEL has successfully completed the work on the recompletion of the next gas cavern on manifold 12, which started in February 2023, according to plan. The recompletion included the replacement of the complete gas production string and the installation of an underground safety valve that can be controlled from above ground in accordance with the mining law in in the state of Lower Saxony.

STORAG ETZEL then started work on the recompletion of another gas cavern on manifold 14 in the north field of the cavern facility, which was equipped with a so-called "straddle" to reinforce the production pipe route.

A total of three gas caverns will be equipped with a new production string this year. In the course of this work programme, the original construction condition of a total of 28 gas caverns will be restored over the next few years in accordance with the new general operating plan.