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Fire Protection & Emergency Management

Fire prevention

In principle, all operating facilities at the Etzel site are equipped in accordance with preventive and defensive fire protection requirements.

Preventive fire protection includes, for example, structural precautions and organizational measures (e.g. plans, employee training) as well as safety equipment such as fire alarm systems, mobile fire extinguishers, fixed extinguishing equipment with extinguishing water supply and fire extinguishing systems in the gas plants (defensive fire protection).   

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Support from external forces in the event of damage

Approved fire protection operating plans and officially audited hazard prevention plans are available for all operating facilities of the operators on the cavern site.

In addition, there are internal regulations and alarm plans that define the procedures to be followed in the event of an incident. The support provided by external forces in the event of an emergency is regulated in cooperation agreements or agreements under private law.

For example, STORAG ETZEL, like other leading gas storage operators in Germany, is part of the so-called "STOREMAN" consortium, which provides the necessary fire-fighting equipment in the event of an emergency. 

The overall responsibility for all firefighting measures lies with the operators at the site.

The equipment for Storage Emergency Management (STOREMAN) is located about 130 km from Etzel on the premises of a service company in Emmen (Netherlands), where it is kept in constant readiness.

In case of an emergency, the company takes over the complete logistics for the short-term mobilization of the equipment to the damage site and coordinates the alerting of the highly qualified emergency group. Specially prepared plans are available for the operation, including the Etzel cavern field, e.g. for the approach, setting up of equipment, energy and water supply, and setting up of the command post, so that damage control can be carried out in a targeted and coordinated manner.

STOREMAN's emergency response team focuses on gaining control of the incident and ensuring that emergency personnel can work safely at all times. Until emergency response is complete, continuous cooling with water to protect equipment and personnel in the hazardous area plays an essential role, which is why water management takes up a large portion of the equipment.

In contrast to the incident response of the STOREMAN team, the fire departments and other auxiliary forces, in accordance with the present safety concept of STORAG ETZEL and official emergency plans, essentially take over practical and organizational tasks to secure the danger area to the outside.

This includes, in particular, protective measures to safeguard people and traffic, to mitigate damage, and other necessary support services.

[Translate to English:] Aufstellungsplan für Ausrüstungen, insbesondere Wassertanks, Pumpen und Versorgungsleitungen
[Translate to English:] Ausrüstungen zur Wasserversorgung; im Hintergrund: Wassermonitore in Betrieb mit Kühlwasserschleier
[Translate to English:] Schweres Gerät zur Beräumung und Behandlung der Schadensstelle

Crude oil spill

In the event of a spill of crude oil at the site, there is a cooperation agreement with Nord-West-Ölleitungs-GmbH (NWO) for support with crew and material.

Additional STORAG ETZEL equipment is stored at the NWO in Wilhelmshaven. The company's own service providers are on standby 24 hours a day, and access to other special service providers is possible if required.

Rescue of persons

With regard to personal rescue and patient transport, there is a contract with the district of Wittmund for the use of a private service provider from Friedeburg.

Heavy personal rescue and fire fighting outside the process plants

The volunteer fire departments of the municipality of Friedeburg provide support in the event of serious cases of personal rescue on the company premises outside the process plants (e.g. workshop, social and administration buildings).

This is covered by a cooperation agreement between the volunteer fire department or the municipality of Friedeburg and the operating companies. Among other things, the contract provides for financial and earmarked support of the local fire departments by the operating companies, but also for the procurement and provision of equipment by the operating companies.

An annual exercise is carried out by the volunteer fire departments in the Etzel cavern field.