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Information event of STORAG ETZEL on 31.05.2022

Photo of the well-attended event in EtzelOpens image in new tab

Photo of the well-attended event in Etzel

The info box of the cavern info center EtzelInfobox in Etzel

The info box of the cavern info center Etzel

Joint event of STORAG ETZEL and Energy Hub - Port of Wilhelmshaven

Yesterday, employees of STORAG ETZEL as well as the spokesman of the corporate initiative "Energy Hub - Port of Wilhelmshaven", Mr. Uwe Oppitz (Managing Director Rhenus Ports GmbH), presented current topics at the Etzel site as well as the status of the project planning of the regional development with regard to the energy hub Wilhelmshaven and East Frisia to interested citizens and residents of the Etzel cavern facility within the framework of a neighborhood information event.

STORAG ETZEL's main topics at the event were the ongoing hydrogen pilot and research project "H2CAST Etzel" and the upcoming measures in impact management in the northern field of the Etzel cavern facility. The representative of the corporate initiative "Energy Hub - Port of Wilhelmshaven" gave an insight into the planned energy projects in Wilhelmshaven and East Frisia. The topic "Water Management in the Region" is to be discussed in greater depth at one of the next events.

Yesterday's event was very well attended with around 50 visitors. The questions on the topics of the evening could be discussed and largely answered in a good atmosphere. With this event format, STORAG ETZEL wants to present current, new topics at the site and create transparency.

You can download here the shown presentation slides of STORAG ETZEL as a leaflet brochure to view or as a pdf file (in German).

You can download the presentation slides of the Energy Hub - Port of Wilhelmshaven shown here as a leaflet brochure to view (in German).

Further information about STORAG ETZEL and the Energy Hub - Port of Wilhelmshaven can be found at www.storag-etzel.de/en or www.H2CAST.com or www.energyhub-wilhelmshaven.de. The Brochure of the Energy Hub - Port of Wilhelmshaven can be found here.

STORAG ETZEL GmbH at a glance:

  • For more than 50 years, STORAG ETZEL has been operating 75 underground oil and gas storage facilities in Etzel / Wittmund district.
  • A total of over EUR 2 billion has been invested in the expansion of the storage facility since 2007
  • An approved expansion potential to 99 cavern sites is available
  • STORAG ETZEL is a medium-sized company with over 80 employees
  • There is a storage volume of >11 million m³ in 24 oil caverns (largest oil storage facility in Europe)
  • The working gas storage capacity in the 51 gas caverns is more than 4.3 billion m³ I Etzel stores about 1/6 of the German reserves
  •  Tenants are national and European oil stockholding organizations and international companies from the energy sector I Long-term contracts are in place until beyond 2040 
  • Our future: oil, gas and H2: Start of 1st phase of H2 pilot project "H2CAST Etzel" in 02/22 I R&D project initially runs until end of 2025 I Etzel becomes "H2-ready