[ʃto:rak e:tsel]

Underground Storage Operations

About caverns

  • Caverns are artificially created cavities in the geological Underground suitable for the storage of energy products like crude oil or natural gas
  • At Etzel they are in a depth range of some 800 to 1.500 m below the surface, constructed in a salt dome structure
  • The salt dome in the subsurface is 12 km long, 5 km wide and extends from more than 4.000 m to 700 meters in depth
  • Due to its special chemical and physical properties, salt is the ideal host rock for cavern construction
  • The material properties enable long-term storage of energy products in deep salt deposits

Crude Oil Storage

  • At Etzel we are operating 24 caverns for crude oil Storage
  • Due to the available high volume and low operating costs in relation to above-ground tank storage, caverns are perfectly suitable for the long-term storage of crude oil
  • That is why the caverns are especially used for the storage of the emergency stockpiling obligation of some European Countries
  • The facility is connected via long-distance 44"-pipeline (44") to the oilport of NWO at Wilhelmshaven which is 25 km away from Etzel

Natural Gas Storage

  • The cavern facility is an important part of the "Energy Hub" in Germany´s Northwest
  • Actual 51 gas caverns with a working gas volume of 4,3 bn m³ are in operation
  • STORAG ETZEL holds the duty of the cavern operator
  • 4 major gas - facilities, operated by the tenants, are used for the gas operation:
    • ESE - Erdgasspeicher Etzel
    • FSG Crystal
    • EKB Storage
    • Etzel Gas-Lager

Cavern Operations

STORAG ETZEL is the manager of the caverns according to German mining law and is responsible for the operation of the Etzel cavern complex.

That includes amongst other things:

  • Monitoring of the caverns and the above - ground facility
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repair and corrective maintenance
  • Modification and investment in the infrastructure

STORAG ETZEL is also the technical service provider for the gas facility of the Etzel Gas-Lager GmbH & Co. KG.

In addition we offer additional technical, administrative as well as consulting services for our customers.