External experts certify the high standards of our corporate principles:

Environment (EN ISO 14001) / Energy (DIN EN ISO 50001)

This means for us:

  • Comply with environmental / energy laws and regulations, and to apply appropriate standards
  • Consider environmental impacts already in the planning and construction of plants and to reduce harmful emissions and waste during operation in order to conserve resources sustainably
  • Monitor and develop the efficient use of energy consuming squipment 
  • Accelerate the purchase of energy-efficient products and services
  • Engage in public dialogue on environmental issues and share experiences with others
  • Conduct adequate reviews and assessments to continually improve our environmental and energy performance

Health (BS OHSAS 18001)

This means for us:

  • Promote the competence and commitment of employees to participate in the implementation of health and safety policies through regular training
  • Identify, prevent or mitigate health risks associated with any business activity that poses a potential risk to employees, contractors, or the public
  • Conduct medical examinations to ensure that employees can perform their work without undue risk
  • Provide health promotion programs to improve the well-being, productivity and personal safety of employees
  • Conduct adequate risk analysis of operations to identify optimizations and initiate improvements

Safety (BS OHSAS 18001)

This means for us:

  • Provide all employees and contractors with a safe working environment through appropriately designed facilities
  • Comply with all applicable laws and to act according to appropriate standards, if no such regulations exist
  • Continuously review and develop the safety and environmental compatibility of the systems
  • Protect the equipment against interference by unauthorized persons as far as possible and minimize the consequences of unauthorized interference
  • Periodically review facilities and operations to derive measures to further develop STORAG ​​ETZEL standards

Quality (DIN EN ISO 9001)

This means for us:

  • Identify customer needs and ensure awareness of them in our organization
  • The consistent application and enforcement of legal principles and the principle of equality in our company
  • Representation of our company and our activities through extensive public relations
  • Define and regularly review our business processes
  • To cultivate an open style of communication, to promote teamwork and to achieve optimal results through the use of all information, skills and work equipment